Our History: Advancing By Putting Clients First

Since 1981, Thurston Springer has focused on creating and maintaining a cutting-edge, full-service Broker-Dealer and SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) business.

At Thurston, we are Dedicated to the Creation and Preservation of Wealth. This mission guides everything we do. We are committed to helping at every stage of the financial journey and strive to create lifelong relationships one client at a time. The experience is tuly unique. Through a qualified approach to finance, we build highly personal relationships with each of our clients and work hard to build strong financial plans that are custom built to satisfy the needs of each client.

Smart ideas, sound investments, and personal attention to who you are, what you want, and what you need to know. That’s the Thurston Springer difference. Together we help you build a sustainable and secured financial future.

We earn the trust of our clients.

Trust can be gained quickly, but it takes time to deepen. We work with our clients over long periods of time to deepen their trust in us. We do this by delivering on our commitments and by having the competency to do so.

We start by getting to know you.

Relationships start by understanding your goals and objectives. What do you want your retirement plan to be? How do you measure success? How can we ensure your employees view the retirement plan as a valuable employee benefit? By knowing what is important to you we can begin to design a plan to deliver your vision.


A Strong Past and A Bright Future

Moving forward, always remembering where we came from.

Since Thurston Springer was founded in 1981, we have focused on one thing – you, the client, and what is important to you.  We build retirement plan solutions one at a time recognizing that each client is different.

Thurston Springer does not promote proprietary products, and we are unbiased.  Our sole concern is our client’s financial health.  Thurston Springer is free to select any retirement plan solution that meets the needs of our clients and is appropriate for their employees.

We are headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we have clients across the country.


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